wDoge is Dogecoin in Ethereum. Put your Dogecoins in motion. 1 wDoge = 1 Dogecoin

What is wrapped Dogecoin?

Wrapped Dogecoin (wDoge) is an Ethereum ERC20 Token that represents Dogecoins in the Ethereum blockchain. The Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge enables and guarantees 1 wDoge = 1 Dogecoin conversion.

The Mission

Dogecoin is the coolest coin in the world, isn't it? To make it even cooler, wDoge delivers all the power of Smart contracts/Web3 to Dogecoin.

More features mean a stronger ecosystem. Ethereum smart contracts open a world of possibilities to Dogecoin users. wDoge tokens could also be transferred to other blockchains.

For every wDoge in circulation the system keeps 1 Dogecoin locked. To mint 1 wDoge in the Ethereum blockchain, 1 Dogecoin has to be locked in the Dogecoin blockchain. To unlock 1 Dogecoin in the Dogecoin blockchain, 1 wDoge has to be burnt in the Ethereum blockchain.

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Access the Web3/Defi/NFT ecosystem with your wDoge and get your Dogecoins back whenever you want. Lend wDoge on Defi projects and earn interest, use wDoge as collateral for loans, Buy NFTs.

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Earn Interest

Lend wDoges on Defi protocols. Get your wDoges back whenever you want.

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Get a Loan

Get a loan in DeFi protocols using your wDoges as collateral.

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Buy NFTs

Buy an NFT and pay with wDoges. Sell NFTs and get paid with wDoges.

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Much ERC-20

Gnosis Safes, DAOs, dev bountys, DEXes and much more!

Using wDoge

Get wDoges

Buy wDoges with your Dogecoins.

Invest wDoges in DeFi protocols

Lend wDoges and get an interest.

Get your Dogecoins back

Sell your wDoges for Dogecoins.


Vitalik Buterin, Ross Nicoll and Oscar Guindzberg discuss Dogecoin, Ethereum and the bridge.